Business Leaders Like Kirk Chewning Bridge the Gaps Between Finance and Technology

Even where technology seems most important, solid fundamentals are always required, as well. Experts like Kirk Chewning have built up impressive careers by seeing to the financial needs of companies along with their technological requirements. With this approach to business being even more relevant and important than in the recent past, a look at the skills required could be useful.

Bridging the Financial and Technological Sides of Businesses in Mutually Informed and Supportive Ways

While there are ways by which technology can support the usual slate of financially oriented business activities and vice versa, it often proves even more productive to look at the two as distinct, discrete domains. Some of the types of skills that are normally needed to make progress on both fronts at once include:

  • Financial controls. Many companies boast millions of dollars in revenue each year, and opportunities for malfeasance inevitably arise, as a result. Strong financial controls ensure that funds can never be misappropriated and that those who attempt to do so will attract notice. It can take quite a bit of skill and experience to design effective financial controls for a given company, but all the effort required will always pay off.
  • Financial modeling. Becoming able to judge how a financially relevant decision could affect a company’s fortunes can be one of the most desirable achievements of all. Experts at financial modeling allow decision makers to explore how particular choices might play out in practice. Once again, being able to develop reliable, detailed financial models takes a lot of skill, but it will always produce plenty of benefits, as well.
  • Technology architecture. Ground-level decisions regarding technology might make up the bulk of the related activity in a given organization. Even in such cases, however, having a well designed architecture in place will make everything else far easier. Once again, relatively few professionals have the skills or experience needed to design such plans from scratch.

Two Fields Where Expertise Truly Matters

In both of these business critical arenas, having the right skills can allow a particular professional to alter a company’s fortunes for the better. Those who combine suitable skills sets of both kinds can easily end up being even more influential.

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