Replacement Air Filters Aren’t All The Same

The indoor air quality can be worse than the outside if a quality air filter isn’t installed. Thin fiberglass-looking filters will not catch all of the bacteria, molds, dust and allergens that travel through a ventilation system. Smells will continuously travel through a home if they’re not stopped at a filter. Replacement Air Filters can be ordered to specifically fit a system and can be designed to perform exactly the way and the owner wants. If everyone in the home is ill with colds or the flu, an owner can choose to purchase a filter that is antimicrobial to catch and stop the spread of illness in the air.

Pet odors in a home are a huge turn off for visitors and sometimes the occupants. Removing pet, cooking and smoke odors from a home can be achieved with an activated charcoal filter that has millions of microscopic carbon pores. An owner won’t ever have to worry about someone coming in and immediately smelling the dog or cat. This type of filter does not require any modification to the ventilation system and can be installed where the current filter is located. If allergens and odors are both of concern, a filter can eliminate dust mites, lint, allergens, and odors.

If an owner isn’t interested in routinely buying filters, they should consider a washable filter that comes with a five-year warranty. It can be easily cleaned and put back into the system. Another option is to purchase an annual filter. One filter that is properly built can last up to a year filtering the air in a home or business. For a company, this can save labor costs replacing another type of filter every three months. If seasonal allergies are a problem, Replacement Air Filters can be purchased to use during the higher pollen times of the year.

Clean air in a home or business can reduce allergy and asthma problems. It can reduce the amount of dust on furniture and keep the air healthy. A quality filter in the ventilation system can also reduce the dust that can travel with the equipment operating the system such as a furnace. The reduced dirt can improve energy efficiency.

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