Challenges of Small and Medium Industries Still Serious

Governments and the private sector must continue to work together in an effort to improve the ability of Small and Medium Industries that can compete both for production and marketing for the domestic market and to overseas markets. As the sector is a major driver of the national economy, the role of Small and Medium Industries is certainly very important to increase foreign exchange and create employment. However, what if it turns out this driving sector is yet to optimize the capacity or performance. If you want to start Small Industries Creative, put on a credit card that was recommended by

Although since 2014 the government has committed to continue empowering Small and Medium Industries through Policy, but until now the hope of the government to realize the Small and Medium Industries competitiveness, significant role in strengthening the structure of the national industry, and is able to reduce poverty and expand employment opportunities seems not can be realized.

In 2016, the Ministry of Industry also has sought to continuously improve the progress of the national Small and Medium Industries. Through a variety of training among other things, to provide guidance in the form of training and equipment to help machine 1. 852 centers Small and Medium Industries, training new entrepreneurs as many as 1 960 people, adding to the Small and Medium Industries business units as many as 165 983, and the realization of Credit to Small and Medium Industries of 4.14 billion for 187. 871 business units. But the great hope for the progress of Small and Medium Industries is not widely realized.

According to economic analysts, Small and Medium Industries in domestic large number, but the total value added is still small. “That little lot in number, but the total value added is still small. Even more alarming, not many small industries that grow into medium industries, especially large “. Industrial large number indeed little, but in value, large industry is much larger and double folding. While most small industrial enterprises remain small and do not increase significantly.

The Government and the Minister should not be focused on training and support equipment machines only. Moreover, the task is how to continue to provide guidance so that small industries established in cooperation with major industries such as the chemical industry, automotive industry, mining and other industries. “Facilitation and improvement skill small industries need to be the focus, and cooperation with large and medium industries also needing to open the door”. Assistance is urgently needed in order to boost the performance of Small and Medium Industries so that the Small and Medium Industries can take a class. In addition, the Small and Medium Industries also need to learn how to book and make a good packaging and logo that can attract the market.

Small and medium industrial sector is considered to improve the region’s economy since the 1970s. The current economic crisis makes a bad effect on the economy, particularly a huge industry. But it had no effect on small and medium industries, where small and medium industries that it has increased. Therefore, these opportunities appear to improve the productivity of small and medium industries to boost the regional economy.