Three Ways Consumers Can Save on Shipping

In today’s tough economic times, people are coming up with more ingenious ways of saving money and shipping is no exception. You may notice that shipping may bring more to the overall price than the product would cost in the store.

That is why a lot of sellers are making a move to lessen the shipping expenses of the buyer since an online store with free shipping always tends to have a lot of customers. According to Skypax, here are some ingenious ways of cutting down on shipping costs:

  • Compare freight prices

Be an informed consumer and get freight quotes from multiple providers. Whereas once it would have been a time-consuming task to keep track of all the movements in prices, now it is possible to let the internet do all the hard work.

All that it takes is a visit to a website dedicated to comparing the prices of the various operators serving any individual country and this will provide quotes based on the size and type of parcel which is to be sent. Doing this opens consumers to lots of possibilities for savings on parcel delivery which might never have been found otherwise.

  • Smaller is better

The more space your shipment takes up, the higher the cost. What most people don’t realize is that freight carriers usually consider the bulkiness of a package more than its weight. Therefore, the bulkier the package the more the shipping cost since it will occupy more space. In light of this, customers need to find ways to make their packages smaller.

  • Go for free shipping coupon services

Several companies are utilizing ways to save their customers money by offering free shipping coupon services. Their representatives are trying to give the customers an opportunity to save money while they shop and spend both on the website and in the store. Today, consumers have a chance to save money by using a free shipping service.

It can be easy as locating a coupon offering the free shipping service through their mailbox, local newspaper or the internet. One can easily find a coupon online through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Excite.

There are many coupons with free shipping service on websites but many of them have a condition that needs to be met. One coupon for a particular store that fits this description has the rule that you must spend $49 or more to get free shipping on your purchases. By far this is a popular coupon.

When large items are bought online, shipping costs can be outrageous. However, free shipping services are taking that complication out of the equation. That way, consumers can buy heavy items online without additional costs.

When you are looking online for a coupon of this nature, be wary about coupon expiry date. Many websites do not update often and it’s easy to find a coupon that has gone out of date. Be sure to look at the expiration date before you use it on the company’s website.

By taking advantage of the above methods, consumers today have a chance of saving on the shipping costs.