Types Of Plans from Oriental Insurance

The Oriental Insurance company caters to all types of general insurance plans such as medical health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurances and so forth. There are various plans are divided into medical health insurance and motor insurance category. Each category serves a certain purpose.

Medical Health Insurance – Oriental Health Insurance is coverage with respect to the issue of rising medical costs among individuals. Under this insurance, the insurer will not have to worry about the expenses related to pre and post hospitalization, regular checkups, surgeries, ambulance expenses, critical health treatments etc. The insurance plans will cover the maximum amount possible for all these expenses.


Motor Insurance – Under this, the company has several useful policies that could cover your vehicle comprehensively. The insurance plans help you to cover the comprehensive and the liability of the third party. Motor insurances are available to both rural and urban area customers.


The uniqueness about each category is that each category offers the customers several insurance plans meeting the coverage need of its customers.


Different Plans Offered Under Health Insurance from Oriental Insurance

Medical Health insurance offers a variety of plans for serving all kinds of customer segments.

Individual Mediclaim Policy – This is an effective individual health insurance plan, which offers all the needful financial coverage to persons from 18 years through 80 years. It helps the insurer to deal with an unwanted medical emergency, which can leave any person financially and emotionally weak.

Happy Family Floater Health Insurance Policy – This type of policies are complete health insurance plan for the entire family. Under the single insurance policy, you can cover your family against all kinds of planned and unplanned medical expenses.

Health Of Privileged Elders – This is a special type of health insurance plan designed specifically for senior citizens. It covers the expenses for people over 60 years old.

Group Mediclaim – It is a health insurance plan that offers coverage to the entire group including family members, colleagues or someone, whom you want to protect under a single insurance plan. This plan offers more affordability than any other insurance plans.

Overseas Mediclaim policy – this is a unique policy offering protection against all expenses related to health when you are traveling overseas. The Oriental Health insurance online ensures that you enjoy the whole trip without any worries and will receive cashless treatments for all kinds of expenses.

You need to choose the plans according to your needs and applicability. Before choosing any insurance plans, make sure you consider some important factors such as premium payments, coverages, entry age and other factors and then compare them on Coverfox.com and then choose the best policy for yourself and your family.
Some Of The Best Health Insurance Plans from Oriental Insurance

Oriental Individual Mediclaim Plan – It is designed to cater the financial needs of the individual at the time of medical emergency. The hospitalization costs include sudden illness, disease, or accident. It covers pre and posts hospitalization expenses, discounts on the premium available for family cover. The coverages are offered for age up to 80 years.

Happy Family Floater plan – It offers inclusive health protection for the entire family and no medical checkups required for people above 60 years of age. The entire family can be insured under single sum assured. The plan is offered under two variants.  For the silver plan, the sum assured varies between INR 1 lakh and INR 5 lakhs. Personal accident covers and integrity daily cash allowance is offered under this plan. For the  Gold plan, the sum assured varies between INR 6 and INR 10 lakhs. For the sum assured it offers life- hardship survival benefits and personal accident cover benefits.

Overseas Mediclaim plan –  This plan provides protection related to the financial expenses for your entire family when you are traveling abroad. The sum insured varies between INR five thousand and five lakhs. You can avail cashless transaction across all network hospitals.

Business and Holiday travel cover plan – These types of insurance plans cover all the expense related to medical emergencies when you are on a business trip or spending a holiday with family. If a person dies during the trip, all the expenses will be covered by the plan.

There are a few other plans offered for only senior citizens and college students. The premiums vary according to the coverages provided.

Overall, oriental health insurance plans are beneficial in ways of the coverages it offers to the people across the rural and urban areas. Also, based on the requirement of each individual the plans are designed, you get to choose a plan without compromising on the requirements.