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How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Finding a wedding photographer need not be complicated, but it does require time. You also have to make sure you use the right criteria to be able to choose the right one.

Is it all about the photographer’s portfolio? Or perhaps their social media professional profile pictures or their sample photos on their website? Surely not! Here are other things you want your wedding photographer to have:

Creative Thinking

To make your pictures truly outstanding and memorable, choose a creative photographer. The most brilliant photographers picture a shot in their mind seconds before it actually happens. This makes them ever ready to capture beautiful images. Creative photographers can give you pictures that are both technically superior and emotionally engaging. They shouldn’t be there just to get professional photos taken of your wedding.

Passion for Detail

On top of being creative, your wedding photographer should also be detail-oriented. This trait gives them the ability to capture every important detail, no matter how small.


We know just how busy a wedding day can get. There are things that cause us to change plans, so it’s important for your photographer to understand this well enough. You don’t want to have to worry about an ill-tempered or unsupportive photographer. One of the best advantages of choosing an experienced professional or studio is their flexibility. Having worked with many weddings before, they understand that predictability isn’t always guaranteed, and that it’s part of the reality of the job.

Good Communication Skills

A good wedding photographer is an effective communicator. They how to communicate with their clients so they understand exactly what they want. They are open to suggestions but will use their expertise to add insights or explain why some requests will be disadvantageous. They are confident in their abilities but will accommodate any concerns you may have.

To ensure that your requirements will be met, make sure you schedule a consultation meeting with the photographer before the wedding. It’s also a good opportunity to sense how you’ll get along. Keep in mind that your photographer will be all over your wedding day from start to end, so find someone who can be your friend at least for that day. Otherwise, it may show in your pictures.

You don’t have to consider only one wedding photographer as your prospect. After all, there’s lots of them these days, and you should go for no less than two or three choices. Learn more Make comparisons and then choose the best for you. Start by checking out their website then ring them. Finally, make sure you’re comparing prices apples to apples. Each photographer you’re considering should be given exactly the same details so their quotes will be consistent. Otherwise, the comparison will not be accurate, and you would only be wasting your time.

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