Forex Site, Royal Pip, Affords Forex Investors Diverse Ways to Manage Risk and Make Money

RoyalPip is an online foreign exchange brokerage service, operating under the parent company of Novox Capital Limited, an investment firm based in Cyprus and licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission. Royal Pip utilizes the Meta Trader 4 platform. Well-known for its inherent analytical components, automated capabilities, as well as the fact that it transfers easily from device to device, the MT4’s convenience and ease of use makes it a preferred vehicle for sites catering to Forex users.


The RoyalPip investing site offers those interested in foreign exchange opportunities the ability to invest through one of their basic and standard accounts, or one of their pro accounts. While both varieties include the benefit of zero commission costs, there is yet another option, which exists for those that wish to get to know the investment site a bit more before committing. By using this third selection, potential Forex investors can opt to create a dummy account, which carries with it the opportunity for users to see and learn from the site’s extensive library of online investment videos and learning tools, designed to broaden the knowledge of those already well-versed in the art of foreign exchange trading as well as provide basic how-tos for those taking their first stabs at the foreign commodities markets.


Investors that wish to can create a pro, or ECN accessible account, which does require a higher initial investment. With that higher initial outlay, however, comes greater ease of access to many foreign exchange commodity sources. Access to an ECN accessible account also facilitates the speed at which foreign exchange commodity transactions can be executed. An ECN accessible, pro account further affords foreign exchange commodities investors opportunities for continuous trading and the greater range of fiscal opportunities such trading potentially afford the foreign exchange investor.

Whichever type of account a investor elects as the means with which to launch their foreign exchange trading activities on Royal Pip, be it the standard or pro variety, every investment account created on affords its user variable spreads and the option to trade in micro-lots. Since variable spreads shift, depending on the commodity and the agent involved, investors can benefit from best offer prices to be had at a specific time. Also, the use of micro-lots represents yet another way that investors can potentially save money and manage the amount of risk they are willing to engage in. This is true, specifically because the average micro-lot is made up of currency units totaling a fraction of the usual Forex contract size, making the use of micro-lots a particularly beguiling option for new investors, as well as for those investors wishing to try out a new broker, without having to commit to a high initial investment.

Royal Pip offers established foreign commodities exchange experts, as well as beginners in the arena of Forex investing, a variety of ways to dive deep into the markets, or merely dip in their toes, while they insulate themselves from excessive risk, should that be their preference. Users can explore, learn and trade, at their own pace, all the while benefiting from the site’s use of the widely trusted and endorsed Meta Trader 4 Platform.