Six Things You Have to Know About Stocks Straight from Mib 700

This content is for those who are looking to put a little money aside for some kind of expense in the future. Those of you who are pulling in 10 grand a day on Wall Street can go about your business.


Mib700 knows a few things about trading stocks online. Their first rule of thumb is simple. Those of you who want to trade stocks, you need to learn about them. You cannot enter into this blindly.

1) According to, you need to buy low and sell high. My sister taught me this when I first became a collector. You will have a small window of opportunity to take advantage of any stock option. Take it. Get it while it is at the cheapest price you can get it for. Those of you who do intend to sell it off at a later date, sell it for a high commission. Everyone does it. This is a business. You need to treat it like one.

2)Mib 700 will tell you straight away, there is no such thing as a “sure thing”. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something. There were many who once believed that oil barrels selling for $100 would be around for a long time. This has been debunked many times. I am not saying that to think conventionally is wrong. I am saying that it does have bad timing. Sam thing comes for ESPN being able to mint a good profit for Disney. There was a time when this was the conventional way to go. Bad timing, yet again.

3) According to Mib 700, traders need to have some kind of familiarity with “filings”. This all comes down to research. You can rely on your gut instinct, but good research will always be the better bet.

4) Traders and stock investors need to think long-term, according to a staff member at Mib700. Some think short-term due to taxes. This is bad. Buying something based on a quarterly report is also bad. This is a short-term strategy and it will not work for the average trader. Too many people have become bankrupt due to these strategies. You need to focus on what will pay out in the long run.

5) Remember this, A $200 stock is not that expensive. A $10 stock is not going to be cheap. Too many forget this. Some like to look at a single number when looking to buy. The stocks that have the double or triple digit price tag is not going to work for the budget-conscious person trying to make ends meet. On the other hand, buying up 200 $2 items is not going to work out either. You need to think of it like grocery shopping.

Do not buy based on the price. You buy based on what is on your list.

6) Do not take the “market news” as the gospel. Some of the news is worth paying attention to. It can give you an idea of which direction to take. You do not want to linger too long there. Many beginners have gotten confused over what the news has to say. Think of the market news as a dark alley. It is okay to know what is going on. Do not become too attached to its surroundings though. Too many people and lies will lead you astray.

“Do not linger too long in the dark alley, you never know what fell creatures you will come across and what they will tell you”.