Credit Suisse sues Zurich blog and wants 52 articles removed

Credit Suisse has launched a lawsuit against a popular Zurich finance blog over what it claims are unvetted and abusive comments hosted under stories about the Swiss bank, reports Owen Walker of the Financial Times.

Walker reports, “Lawyers acting on behalf of Credit Suisse submitted the 256-page claim against Inside Paradeplatz and its publisher, Lukas Hässig, in the Commercial Court of Zurich earlier this month.

“‘I’ve been sued before, but this is the biggest so far,’ Hässig told the Financial Times after the suit became public on Monday. ‘I have to fight it — what other choice do I have?’

“The suit is calling for the removal of all 52 articles on the blog published between July 27 — the date Körner was announced as the new chief executive — and October 28 that relate to Credit Suisse, as well as the comments from readers that appear under the articles.”

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